Nano Silver Anti Bacteria Spray

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The literature proves that nanosilver is resistant to 650 kinds of bacteria
-verified by SGS, effective against various pathogens in life-    
verified by medical institutions, effective against influenza virus



LaCOOL SILVER 365 uses unique production process silver particles to bring natural antibacterial protection. The silver particles adhere to the surface of the body or objects to achieve long-term antibacterial effects. Therefore, laCOOL SILVER 365 products can not only quickly kill bacteria, molds, and viruses, but also form a long-lasting protective shield to escort you for a long time.

laCOOL SILVER 365 products are different from general disinfectants. They are not chemically sterilized, but physical methods, with mild nature and neutral pH. Therefore, laCOOL SILVER 365 products do not irritate the skin, do any harm to the human body, and will not pollute the environment.

Product Details:

  • No heavy metals, no toxicity, no alcohol
  • The main ingredient is taken from the natural antibacterial element-silver
  • Even particles have strong adhesion and lasting long-term effect
  • Decompose odor molecules and non-scent coverage
  • The effective antibacterial rate is over 99.99%
  • Broad effect against more than 650 common pathogens
  • Mild physical antibacterial, non-corrosive and chemical resistance
  • No need to dilute, convenient for daily use


The literature confirms that nanosilver can resist 650 bacteria

-Verified by SGS, effective against various pathogens in life
-Verified by medical unit, effective against influenza virus