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Stainless Steel Wok Non-stick Pan

Meet your daily cooking needs and skills; all-purpose pot for breakfast, lunch and dinner. For the safety of your family, the frying pan is 100% free of PFOA, meaning no harmful chemicals are released during cooking. Very versatile cast iron skillet - fried, grilled, grilled, oven chef, baked, stewed, grilled, fried, even cooked pizza! The large base and large cooking surface make the non-stick frying pan ideal for cooking bacon, grilling steaks, browning onions or making pancakes.


  • The inner wall of the pot is designed with 304 stainless steel, with a physical non-stick layer to reduce the contact surface between the food and the pot body, the surface of the pot body is not easy to stick.
  • Coin pattern design, with non-stick physical non-stick technology, reduce food contact area, suspension non-stick effect is better.
  • Safety anti-scalding handle, ergonomic design, safe non-slip, comfortable grip.
  • 7-layer composite steel is evenly heated and smoked with 7 layers of composite steel. The technology casts a new cookware with a thickness of 2.5mm, so that the pot body is evenly heated and reduces soot.


Materials:Stainless Steel


Wok type:Non-stick

Diameter:32cm / 34 cm

Weight : 

32 cm - 1.4 kg 

34 cm - 1.7 kg


What’s included?

1 x Stainless Steel Wok Non-stick Pan