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3 Models Glass Sealed Spice Bottle Jars

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Product Description:

Made of high-quality glass, sturdy and durable, clear glass body for recognize and extract condiments quickly.

Unique spoon and lid in one type of design, avoid spoon falling out, just open the lid attached the spoon.

Offer a secure airtight seal preventing leakproof, dust, and moisture to keep seasonings fresh for longer.

Hold a variety of condiments, such as salt, sugar, pepper, spices, seasoning, honey bee, olive oil, chicken broth powder, corn starch, and more.


  • Product categories: spice bottles, oil brush bottles, honey bottles
  • Product net weight: 360g
  • Product packaging: color box
  • Material: glass
  • Uses: sealed glass spice, solid spice tools


  • Made of Glass+PP material, environmentally friendly, and healthy.
  • Items Size: 66 * 152 mm
  • Capacity:250 ml
  • Cover design. Moisture-proof and dust-proof, good sealing.
  • With a spoon, easy to take out seasonings, convenient to use.
  • Easy to take and control.
  • The box cover is designed to be well sealed and easy to use.
  • Comfortable handle, delicate texture, better grasp.
  • Suitable for Chili sauce, Oil, Honey, Salt, Pepper, Sugar, etc.Available for both liquid and solid seasoning.