Premium 360 Degree Automatic Toothbrush

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360 Degree Wireless Charging Lazy Automatic Sonic Silicone Electric Toothbrush

This Automatic Electric Tooth-Brush is U-Shaped which perfectly fits your teeth & saves you valuable time, effort, and gives a Wonderful Oral Teeth-Cleaning Experience.

Made up of Sonic Silicone, it cleans your teeth by creating vibrations in the electronic mouthpiece that gently brushes the soft bristles across all angles of your teeth, giving you 360° of teeth and gum cleaning experience & eliminates 99.998% of the germs.


U-shaped makeup brush head, 360 ° full-scale tooth brushing can quickly and gently clean the surface and inside the tooth at the same time 360 ​​°. 
The perfect combination of cleaning and bleaching. 
The food silicone bottle with a brush has no allergy safer in use. 

Material: silicone, ABS 
Color: white, pink, blue, black 
Size: 65 * 70 mm 
Rated voltage 3.7 V 
Rated power: 5 W 
Vibration frequency: 4800-48000 rpm 
Battery capacity: 450 mAh 
Waterproof: IPX7 

Package Includes:
1 x Machine 
1 x Suspenders 
1 x Wireless Charging Stand
1 x USB charging cable 

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2. Due to manual measurement and various measurement methods, a deviation of 1-3 mm is allowed. Thank!