British Gemstone Titanium Diamond Non-stick Micro Pressure Cooker

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British Gemstone Titanium Diamond Non-Stick Micro Pressure Cooker: Frying, Steaming, Frying, Cooking, Multi-Purpose 8 In 1, Easy to Cook More Delicious Food!

  • After A Century of Inheritance and Innovation, With Unremitting Research and Development, It Allows Military Technology and Titanium Technology to Collide Perfectly.
  • And It Integrates Design Ideas and Inspiration from The United Kingdom to Make Design and Technology Serve for The Life.
  • By Virtue Of The Excellent Quality, The Exquisite Craftsmanship and Persistent Research and Development, The Company Has Perfectly Combined the Advanced Technology with The Unique Design.
  • Healthy Cooking Cannot Be Separated from Good Materials. Using Food-Grade 4006 Aluminium Alloy as The Substrate,
  • A High-Pressure Swirl Melt-Spraying Process Is Used to Uniformly Spray 1000um Of Titanium Melt Particles to Attach to The Inner Surface of The Pot. The Wear Resistance and Non-Stickiness Have Been Increased By 97%.
  • With The Aid of Ag+, The Ag+ Solution Is Obtained by Electrolytic Method, Which Has High Safety and Antibacterial Performance.
  • The Pot Cover Is Equipped with Micro Pressure Valve, The Inside Is Equipped with Pressure Microcirculation System And 10KPA Micro Pressure Technology, Which Can Make It Boil Without Heat (It Can Boil For 5 Minutes After the Heat Is Turned Off).
  • 576 Diamond Heat Conducting Tubes: Realizing the Heat Transfer by Convection Between the Ingredients and The Bottom of The Pot And Conducting The Temperature Around, It Can Be Guaranteed That The Ingredients Will Not Be Burnt By Overheating.

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