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Dog Bone-shape Brushing Chew Toy Stick

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Let your dog take her own dental hygiene by the paws with the vet-approved Dog Toothbrush Chew Toy that tastes great, strengthens teeth and protects against oral diseases.
Your pup will stay captivated for hours as she chews soft, yet durable rubber. Deep grooves are flanked with meat flavored bristles that massage the gums while effectively chipping away at plaque and tartar in hard to reach places. Your dog will happily settle down with her “treat” while you can go about your daily business knowing her dental hygiene is taken care of.


  1. 2019 upgraded version: Bone type dog toothbrush, attracting dog attention, very suitable for teeth grinding, chewing and teeth cleaning.
  2. 360 degree all-round cleaning: The toothbrushes are like bones, with bristles on all sides, attracting dogs to clean their teeth
  3. Easy to use: You can squeeze the dog toothpaste into the top hole, and then the toothpaste will flow out of the small hole, making cleaning the dog's teeth easy.
  4. Soft silicone material: Designed to keep your dog's gums safe. The size and angle of the spikes are different, which helps to remove any dental plaque or tartar accumulated on the teeth and protect them from oral diseases.
  5. Size: about 145*50mm, a great gift for dogs and dog lovers
Green dog bone toy


Size: about 145*50mm/5.7*1.96in

Material: Silicone

Upgrade design: 360º teeth grinding/ bone modeling

Uses: dog toothbrush, teether, massage toys

Note: The product is made of all silicone material and has a soft texture. It is designed to keep your dog's gums safe. If the dog bites it and tear it violently, please stop it in time!

Package Included:

1X Bone shape dog toothbrush

1X Color box