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Nutrimate Ze Herb Crunchy Cereal Bar

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Our Nutrimate Ze Herb Grandola Bar is bake with 18 types of ingredients. We select the finest ingredients from grains, nuts, and spices to bake our Ze Herb Grandola Bar.


Ingredients like: - Soybeans, Whole Oat, Corn, Whole-Wheat, Malt Extract, Honey, Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Mung Bean Seeds, Pearl Barley, Sesame Seeds, Wheat Germ, Cashew Nuts, GABA Rice, White Pepper, Kiffir Lime Leaves Low Fat Milk and Brown Sugar.


Like all grains and nuts have their natural sweetness, we add in only 2% of organic brown sugar as an activator to bring out the natural sweetness from them. With all the different grains and nuts sweetness combine with the flavoring of the spices, you will experience a brand new taste of Grandola Bar. You may feel that unique taste is like you are eating a Tom Yam Grandola Bar.


Our Nutrimate Ze Herb Grandola Bar is always a healthier choice for your snack as they are baked and oil-free. There are no MSG or artificial flavoring, low sugar, and, most importantly, there is no preservative. You can feel safe eating it without worrying about any potential chemical in your food. Suitable for all ages.


Extra Notes:

Sesame seeds are a nutritional goldmine - they are high in mineral content and contain two types of amino acids that are generally not found in other vegetables. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, consumption of black sesame seeds
strengthen the scalp and darken the hair; they also provide additional benefits to the skin.

Soybeans have been a staple diet for Asians for thousands of years. The building blocks of soybean proteins consist of all essential amino acids, and it contains isoflavones. These are important for building muscles, improving the immune
system, and have the ability to reduce bad cholesterol and destroy free radicals, enhancing the skin complexion.

Pumpkin seeds contain a natural occurring green coloring called chlorophyll-an essential phytochemical or antioxidant. It is full of zinc, iron, calcium, and phosphorous, which are vital for the proper functioning of the urinary gland.
Cashew nuts contain iron, which is beneficial for the appropriate functioning of the circulatory system.

Sunflower seeds are prevalent among vegetarians, also serving as nutritional snacks, it helps to reduce cancer-causing factors of mouth and also improves blood circulation.
Mung bean seeds are a good source of nutrients. They consist of 58% carbohydrate, 23% protein, and less than 1% oil. They help to build healthy muscle and maintain the proper functioning of the musculoskeletal system and brain.

Pearl Barley is a Chinese herb that helps to keep a healthy body. A chemical called Coxenolide, which is plentiful in the pearl barley, helps to increase blood circulation at the skin level and promotes healthy hair growth.

Brown rice is a highly nutritious food for thousands of years. Its membrane and germs haven't been removed during the milling process. It endowed with more than 20 types of vitamins and minerals, a good source of fiber, and contains magnesium and manganese, an energy-producing agent cum antioxidant protector. Eating brown rice helps protect against cancer, heart diseases, and gallstones, lowering cholesterol levels and reducing risks of metabolic syndrome.