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Portable Pet Vacuum Groomer

This is a Safe and Easy to use Pet Vacuum! The Vacuum helps remove pet hair and fur from surfaces such as the carpet, bedding, car seats and even the sofa. It is also gentle to use on your pet. It is the perfect way to keep a clean environment and groom lose hair. Makes a perfect gift for any pet owner!


  • 1. Reduce pain, do not need to pull animal hair, vacuum suction, easy and gentle.
  • 2. Portable: Handheld grip, easy to use, easy to carry.
  • 3. Clean and hygienic: It can completely absorb the hair that the animal has dropped on the ground, and it can be used as a comb or as a garbage.
  • 4. Convenient to use: use the battery (the battery is not included), can be cleaned from every corner without the limitation of the wire.


  • Item Type: Dog Hair Trimmer
  • Charging Time: None
  • Power Source: Battery
  • Voltage: 3 AA battery

 What’s included?

1 x Portable Pet Vacuum Groomer