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Stainless Carbon Steel Tableware Storage Rack

Are you still worried about the integral placement of utensils in the kitchen? At this point, you need a table storage rack to make the kitchen look tidy. This three-tier tableware storage rack gives you great help.


-Water storage
3 to 5 kitchen knives, rags or soup ladles, etc. with multiple rods, four hooks. used for hanging. 
-Dish storage
Keep 15 plates in the first layer and hold 18 bowls in the second layer, 10 to 20 bowls in the third layer -
Cup storage
can accommodate 6 cups -
The card slot is extended upwards to ensure stability and safety of the shelf and to facilitate the evaporation of residual water.
- Each of the upper and lower layers with food tray drainage tray made of PP material - 
Side railings to prevent food from slipping - 
Superior drainage capacity, breathable and effectively avoids bacterial growth - 
Bracket improved, plate thickened and stable 
- Raise storage area and area Fully use 
-Easy installation and strong load capacity 

Product weight:
Package weight: 2.0350Kg
Package size (L x W x H): 48.00x26.00x16.00 cm/18.9x10.24x6.3 inç


What’s included?

 1 x tableware storage rack, 1 x installation part package, 3 x drain tray