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Can Opener

A can opener might not be something that you use every day, but the chances are that you will use one regular and therefore it pays to invest wisely in one which is comfortable and easy to operate. They really are a practical item and if you are a family who frequently consumes sauces, soups, stocks, and other canned produce, nothing short of essential. Can openers also make it far easier for anyone suffering from conditions like arthritis or weak wrists to remove lids without frustration or soreness

Our heavy duty opener is designed for people with weak waist, so each detail shows the labor-saving concept, such as large knob, sharp blade and anti-slip handles. It saves room in your cabinets, money and labor for you.


  • 3-IN-1 CAN OPENER: Can/tin opener + jar/bottle opener + lever, easy to help you open tough bottle caps and effortlessly breaks through the tight plastic seal on jars, especially for elderly or arthritis hands.
  • EASY TO USE:This side cutting safety can opener is quite simple to operate. The easy to turn non-slip turning knob makes it so anyone can use this manual can opener. You no longer have to worry about cutting yourself when opening cans with the smooth edge cutting safety mechanism.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN:The large non-slip handle of the can opener is designed with ergonomic knob in sturdy shape for easy turning, you can easily and comfortably hold tight the burnished handles and turn smoothly without hurting your fingers, allows you to cut open cans safely and efficiently.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION:Premium quality material with Stainless steel constructed design makes this can opener easy to wash, manually or in the dishwasher. The sharp cutting disc is made of food-grade material especially the metal tooth (the wedge) is made of stainless steel, which is safe for touching the food. Anti-rust and rigid, not easy to bend.
  • EASY TO CLEAN/CARRY/STORE:You can put it under the running water to clean it, then wipe off with cloth, and put it in the cabinet /rack / wall/drawer. Steel can opener is lightweight and easy to carry to parties, outdoor picnics, camping, etc.



Size:length 21* width 5* height 5cm

Material:2CR13 stainless steel (cutting head) 304 stainless steel

Uses:used to open cans


What’s included?

1 x Can Opener