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One of the household allergens is Dust Mite . They feed on dead skin that humans shed every day and their droppings may cause allergic reactions and may aggravate asthma , especially in children.

According to immunology specialists , its practically impossible to completely rid a home of dust mites , but frequent cleaning and removing bed , pillows , mattress & carpeting can help. Deep wet cleaning like water based vacuum helps to keep from stirring up dust while cleaning.

From the concept rainfall simply , washes away dust & pollutants out of the air and the surface of the Earth , CLINOMIC is invented to bind harmful particles especially dust &  dustmites   , in the water and then restores healthy & clean environment indoor.

Naturally , it provides us pleasant and fresh air especially for our lovely little angels at home .

Performance vacuum cleaner with water filter ,CLINOMIC all in one home cleaning system now is available in Singapore .

Quality made in Germany , Clinomic is truly your great helper in housekeeping with all the function below :

  • Air cleaning and flavouring
  • Dry inhaling
  • Vacuuming Wet cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Couch , mattress cleaning and  a lot more ....