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Double-sided Meat Hammer

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The Meat Tenderizer -Amazing hammer tool to reduce your cooking time and let you enjoy perfectly, this hammer can help you to cooked chicken, steak & veal that is juicy, flavorful and so tender.

Every time you want to cook in the kitchen and want to save cooking time, this meat hammer can do it! It allows the marinade, flavors and fragrances to penetrate quickly and deeply into the tissue and shortens the marinating time to 5 minutes, eliminating the need to wait until overnight.


  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN:Large hammer head with a balanced design that allows the mallet and gravity to do all the work in less time. Easy on your hand & arm!
  • MORE THAN A TENDERIZER:Perfect to infuse meat with flavor with spices and dry rub marinades. Crush ice for cocktails, loosening frozen vegetables, crack crab, and crush garlic, Great for baking: shell nuts, and crush hard candy like toffee or peppermint
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL:Use one side to flatten delicate pork and poultry for wafer thin cutlets, schnitzel and roll ups. Textured side has 16/37 aggressive points, perfect for tenderizing inexpensive cuts of meat so they're melt-in-your-mouth tender. Fun Fact: Tenderizing meat not only makes meat more delicious it also cuts cooking time by 50%!
  • DOUBLE-SIDED TENDERIZATION:Thick needles are used to break and smash meat fibers to make the meat more perfect; flat for tenderizing beef, pork, chicken and other meats. It also helps to crush hard candy and nuts comfortably. Balanced comfort.
  • EASY TO CLEAN:After using this tender meat hammer, you can easily wash by hand (recommended hand washing). It is also easy to store, you can hang it on the hooks in any corner of the kitchen.



Material:Aluminum Alloy



What’s included?

1 x Double-sided Meat Hammer