LIAHOME Foldable Footbath Massage Bucket Soaking Bucket Folding Basin

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Portable Foot Massager Foldable is a Great way to Relax and Rejuvenate after Tiring day to Work.

This Help Enhances Blood Circulation , Relieves Fatigue, Improve Metabolism to Removed Toxin From Body that we Gain in our Daily Life like Polluted air ,Pesticide Residues.

  • Collapsible Foot Spa was Designed with small ,Raised Nodes on the inside of the Water Basin
  • Slide your Feet Back and Forth over these Massaging Nodes to Release Pain and Tension in your Feet
  • Foldable Massage Basin Easy Carry and Storage
  • Can be used as Foot Wash Bucket, Massage Bucket, Travel Folding Bucket, etc.


Material: PP+TPR
Color: Blue ,Pink, Purple

Weight: 130g
Size: 50cm x39cm x 22cm