LIAHOME Fish scale microfiber cleaning cloth (1 pack)

LIAHOME Fish scale microfiber cleaning cloth (1 pack of 3 pieces )

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Description : 

  • Fish Scale Design Is Beautiful, Can Be Used as Dishcloth, Rags, Tea Towel, Dish Pad, Mat Etc
  • Super Water Absorption, No Water Stains, No Shrinkage
  • Can Be Used in The Kitchen Dishes, Glasses Washing, Coffee Cups, Electronic Screen, Watch, Mirror, Precision Instrument, Car Clean.
  • It Is Soft, Strong Water Absorption, Wipe No Trace, Decontamination Effect Does Not Hurt the Surface of The Object
  • Easy To Clean, Clean and Hygienic, Not Easy to Breed Bacteria
  • For Dust and Water Stains, Wipe with Dry Cloth, For Water Rust, Black Stains and Oil Stains, Wipe Them with A Wet Cloth


Sizes: 30cm x40cm

Weight:105 g