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6月 30, 2022 3 min read

One of the most versatile equipment in the kitchen is the modest wok. It's not only the perfect cooking tool for stir-frying, but it's also great for deep-frying, steaming, and indoor smoking. In most Asian kitchens, it's the most often used wok.

However, not all works are made equal, as with most things. They're available in many sizes, shapes, metals, and handle configurations. Here's everything you need to know about it :



Stainless steel wok

Woks made of stainless steel are quite tricky. Not only are they heavy and challenging to manoeuvre, they also take a long time to heat up and cool down, which is a weakness for anything stir-fry, which requires rapid, on-the-fly heat adjustments. In addition, food, especially protein, has a propensity for sticking to steel.


Cast iron wok

Although cast iron is a superior option, it still takes a long to heat up and cool down. In addition, it has a better nonstick coating. The biggest issue with cast iron is that it is very delicate when it is too thin and fragile. However, when constructed thick enough to be sturdy, they are tough to lift, which is necessary for good stir-frying flipping.


Carbon steel wok

Your best bet is carbon steel. It warms rapidly and evenly; it responds quickly to burner input; it's sturdy and affordable; and, with proper care, it'll have a nearly nonstick surface. Look for carbon steel woks that are at least 14-gauge (about two millimetres thick) and will not bend when pressed on the sides.


Nonstick wok

If you have a higher budget, pure nonstick woks should be avoided at all costs. The intense heat required for a decent stir-fry is too much for most nonstick coatings. Before they reach the required temperature, they begin to vaporise, emitting toxic odours. Also, when you want to clear a surface to cook in the middle, they make browning challenging, and it's impossible to get food to stick in place against the wok.


Stainless steel honeycomb wok

The honeycomb wok is basically made of stainless steel. The difference-maker is the honeycomb textured coating that covers both sides of the wok (inside and out). The honeycomb technology allows for food to be heated evenly, even if it is not at the bottom of the wok. The honeycomb wok is created using 7-layer composite material die-casting, which is scratch-resistant and made using numerous mechanical and manual procedures.


Wok shapes & handles

Avoid round-bottomed woks unless you have a bespoke wok insert in your wok size. On an electric stove, they won't function at all, and even with one of those wok rings, they're difficult to use on a gas range. Alternately, woks with bottoms that are too flat defeat the purpose of a wok, making it tough to flip properly and to move food in and out of the high-heat zone.

A wok with a four- to five-inch flattened bottom and slightly sloping sides that expand out to between 12 and 14 inches is your best option. This will provide plenty of high-heat space on the bottom for searing meats and veggies, as well as plenty of volume and room to flip them.

You have two options for handles. Northern-style woks feature a single long handle and frequently a smaller assistant handle on the opposite side, but Cantonese-style woks have two little handles on each side. Look for the latter – the big handle makes flipping and stir-frying a breeze, and the short helper handle makes lifting a breeze.



A high-quality wok is a great investment for your kitchen. Believe it or not, it affects the quality and texture of your cooking, and will ultimately affect how much you enjoy being in your kitchen and preparing meals.

At Lia Home, we believe in bringing you brands with quality we trust. Our Nonstick Honeycomb 316 Stainless Steel cooking wok (34cm) boasts a number of high-end features that make it ideal for both home and professional chefs. Each piece is attentively constructed, from the heavy-gauge stainless steel and non-slip handles to the drip-free pouring edges and even heat distribution.The nonstick coating enables for easy food release with minimal oil or butter.

The Hard-Anodized structure is scratch-resistant and enables improved heat transmission and uniform cooking. The riveted stainless steel handles have finger guards to keep your hands safe from hot stovetops and provide a pleasant grip for a firm hold. Except for induction stovetops, the construction is ideal for all stovetops and may be moved directly from the cooktop to the oven.

Need more info on why our honeycomb wok is perfect for you? Get in touch with us and we’ll gladly tell you more!