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7月 19, 2022 3 min read

When it comes to choosing a wok, one would usually choose between a regular stainless steel wok and a non-stick wok. A stainless steel wok with an 18/10 stainless steel composition offers excellent hygiene but proves to be challenging when used to fry fish or eggs that tend to stick to the surface of the wok.

A non-stick wok, however, is easier to use and clean, but if you’re looking to cook fried chicken or any food that’s meant to be crispy, then you’ll have to compromise on taste, as non-stick woks do not give a crispy finish.

Despite being easy to clean, non-stick woks do have an obvious downside to it as it is inherently made of softer material and is easily scratched. To make it tougher and longer-lasting, manufacturers have tried to add ceramic bits or rock particles. However, after some heavy usage, the upgraded non-stick woks still get scratched. This is where the honeycomb non-stick technology comes in.


How honeycomb non-stick technology becomes a game-changer

Combining the benefits of a stainless steel wok and a non-stick wok, Lia Home’s Nonstick Honeycomb 316 stainless steel cooking wokuses an intricate raised stainless steel honeycomb web. This web works to protect the premium non-stick interior that is coated on the interior of the stainless steel wok.

The honeycomb structure and raised metal dots act as a protective wall for the non-stick interior. This wall also helps to release the food, making frying easier and the food tastier, with minimal use of oil and butter!

The Nonstick Honeycomb 316 stainless steel cooking wok is durable, wear-resistant, and high-temperature resistant; made of 316 food-grade stainless steel. By creating a gas suspension effect and a self-detaching non-stick, the point-to-point support function helps to reduce direct food contact with pot surfaces.

This innovative and creative honeycomb wok is incredibly efficient for cooking perfectly crispy pan-seared dishes. Stainless steel and hard-anodized construction make for a great conductor of heat, making cooking delicious Singaporean favourites such as the char kuey teow a breeze!

With finger shields to protect your hands from hot stovetops, the riveted stainless steel handles offer a firm hold and a pleasant grip. With the exception of induction stovetops, the design is ideal for all stovetops and may be transferred directly to the oven. For frying eggs, caramelising onions, and other uses, the Open Frypan is a perfect and versatile option.

The wok’s body uses several mechanical procedures and is die-cast from a 7-layer composite material, without concern about steel shovels or steel balls. This cooking pot can be used with heat sources such as electric stoves, gas stoves, ceramic electric stoves, and induction cookers.

Therefore, if you’re looking to invest in just one wok for your kitchen that can do it all – from frying eggs and fish to making delicious chow mein – look no further, this is the wok for you!



Having a good wok in the kitchen can take your cooking experience to the next level! Best of all, with the versatility of the honeycomb wok, having tasty food is almost a guarantee every time. If you’re still looking for a great wok for your kitchen, the Nonstick Honeycomb 316 stainless steel cooking wok ($139) is worth every penny! Purchase online today and enjoy free shipping right to your doorstep, or contact us for more info!